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     Requirements for students:

      Students may wear business casual, or normal school attire to class
      Scrubs are required if going to clinical with us (not NAR work pathway)
      Please wear easy slip on and off shoes at school for the skills practices
      Students need to have a watch with a face, not digital please
      Books and document folder will be supplied for you on the first day of class
      Students will need to have a blood pressure cuff to practice with after the classroom portion
     ends. (available for purchase)

      It is required that students purchase a gait belt before clinical, either from us or a different  
      source. (available for purchase)

      Students will need to have a tuberculosis test done before attending clinical
           *TB tests are $25.00 locally at Lower Columbia Occupational Health in Kelso (804 Allen St.)*

     Evidence of completion of a CPR course is required by the time you apply for your CNA credential. This can either be a course your have taken before (card must not be expired) or from a different training program. We offer a CPR course Friday morning of the first week of CNA class, starting at 0900. This is an American Heart Association BLS credential that is accepted at every nursing program and work place that we know of, some programs may required First Aid as well (also offered). Please note, the fee for this course is $75, or $95 if both BLS and First Aid are taken, and this cost is separate from course tuition.

      In order for the state to process and grant CNA certification, the students must first take and pass an          in-person skills exam (100 paid to the program) and an online, proctored written exam (55 paid to              Credentia). 

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