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     Requirements for students:

      Students are encouraged to wear scrubs to class


      Black or gray scrubs are required on clinical days


      Please wear easy slip on and off shoes at school for the skills practices


      Students need to have a watch with a face, not digital please


      Books will be supplied for you on the first day of class


      Students will need to bring a blood pressure cuff (available for purchase)


      Students will need to bring a gait belt to class (available for purchase)


      Students will need to have a tuberculosis test done before attending clinical

           *TB tests are $20.00 locally*

     Students will need to be CPR certified before attending clinical.

           *We offer CPR classes every month, fee is $60.00*


     There will be a state exam scheduled, the cost of the exam ( Paid to Pearson vue, the company that conducts the exam).

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